Ref: 60061 Lámpara/Bulb: 3 x E27 Spot R63 Halogen 42W INCLUDED Ø 45 cm / 17 3⁄4”” H 48 cm / 19”” Ref: 60060 Lámpara/Bulb: 1 x E27 Spot R63 Halogen 42W INCLUDED Ø 25 cm / 9 3⁄4” H 38,5 cm / 15 1/2”

Maya is a modular lamp that can grow, generating different compositions because of its hexagonal geometry and conicity. Its form is inspired beehive, the design of nature applied to lighting. It is made of steel plate folded. The color of the internal faces is different from the external faces. There can be different colour combinations.

Almerich reinvents itself merging it's best tradition with the most actual contemporaneity, searching for sophistication based on craftsmanship, innovation and culture of design.