Height 45 cm
Diameter 90 cm


Base finish Black Ash
Base material Wood
Table top finish Mixed Marble Resin
Table top material Marble off-cuts


The Mausam Cofee table 2 lends from the first version of the piece.

Adapting the piece to incorporate a waste reducing method, the top of the Mausam 2 pieces are made from marble off cuts set into resin, aiming to reduce the waste from the marble industry. The pieces used to create the mixed tops vary in size and colour but can be customized to suit any space.

Jehanara Knowles

Creative director of the brand and designer of the launch collection, Jehanara Knowles, grew up between New Delhi and London, fuelling her passion for the fusion of tradition in her early years.

Kam Ce Kam is a furniture and interiors brand born from a passion for innovative design conceived through traditional methods of manufacturing.