Top: closed: 1300 x 860 mm, open 2100 x 860 mm closed: 1650 x 860 mm, open 2450 x 860 mm

Matrix extendable table, with extruded aluminium legs and tempered laquered glass or laminate top. Telescopic sliding rail system allows an easy opening. The wheeling system makes the legs slide towards the external sides of the table. Available versions: Matrix Outdoor with anodized aluminium legs and leaves in HPL laminate white compact full colour, ideal for outdoor use and Matrix Consolle with laquered extruded aluminium frame, black laquered and tempered black laquered glass top. The black laquered folding mdf extension allows to open to 1600x875 mm. Height: 750 mm

Since 1963 Pedrali, Experience and future Pedrali is an Italian furniture manufacturer founded in 1963 that develops durable and contemporary solutions for public spaces, office and home.