Capdell Matrix 3080 R Capdell Matrix 3060 C

Designed by Vicente Soto, the Matrix table brings together all the characteristics one would expect of an aseptic, stylish, advanced future world. An aluminium frame, characterised by its triangular feet, gives the model a degree of sophistication which embodies certain classical traits. For instance, the wooden table top might recall the most traditional tables, whilst the three versions using coloured glass table tops catapult us into a world of technology, hyper-style and luminosity. The slender lines give Matrix a very low visual weight, helping to blend its light qualities into any setting it might be used in. The opening mechanism adds convenient extra table space, when required. The future is here. Its name is Matrix.

Capdell is a brand created in 1981 from the evolution of Sillerias Alacuas, the historic company founded over 40 years ago.