Mass by Bonaldo

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Dimensions: 140, 160, 180 cm diameter

"I am delighted to have been chosen, along with one of my new products, to celebrate Bonaldo's eightieth anniversary. I believe the new Mass Table embodies what Bonaldo is all about: know-how and tradition, but also user-friendliness and modernity; innovative products that have a strong personality and that provide an answer to our every- changing lifestyles. The Mass Table demonstrates how throughout these 80 years Bonaldo as a company has been transformed from a manufacturer of interior furnishings into a pioneering manufacturer of innovative items, becoming a lifestyle specialist that offers its own view of the Italian art de vivre with novel ideas and perspectives for the future." (Alain Gilles) Mass Table, the table designed by Alain Gilles to celebrate Bonaldo's eightieth anniversary, marks a break with the traditional archetype of the table consisting of a solid and imposing base. Indeed, in this case, the base becomes a light-weight component, while the wooden table top takes up more visual space. On the one hand, the table base recalls the crinolines worn by women of the high society in the 1800s, on the other hand it refers to the "wireframe" used by architects and designers for their 3D designs. Thus, the end result is a table with a strong yet gentle personality, which remains rooted to traditions while at the same time pleasing a more modern taste. The base is available in metal, painted in a variety of shades, including the brand new burgundy, coffee brown and racing green, introduced this year; the table top comes in various types of glass, marble or solid wood.

BONALDO. Eighty years of history and passion for design.