Width 70 cm
Depth 58 cm
Height 74 cm
Weight 6.7 kg
Armrest height 68.5 cm
Frame thickness Ø 2.2 / Ø 3.5 cm
Seat height 45 cm


Base finish Gubi Wood American Walnut
Upholstery Tempt 60146


Year 2008

With its unique appearance, the Masculo Chair with wooden base unifies Danish and Italian design traditions in a way that not only resolve the “conflict”, but also makes it symbolic of international design.

The aesthetics, craftsmanship, solidity and sitting comfort are successfully combined and result in an inviting dining chair. The distinctive backrest expresses an almost aggressive masculinity, whilst the finest wooden frame simultaneously embraces with quasi-feminine detailing. The wooden based Masculo Chair possesses a playful balance between formality and whimsy, offering a modern twist on the classic dining chair that evokes the image of the 1950’s. The semi-circular back- and armrest becomes a modern reinterpretation of the forms of memory.


GamFratesi Design Studio was established in 2006. Stine Gam (born 1975) and Enrico Fratesi (born 1978) belong to the latest generation of furniture architects. Stine is Danish, while Enrico is Italian and together they represent a new interpretation of the meeting between Danish and international design traditions.

GamFratesi's design takes its creative drive from a fusion of tradition and renewal and in an experimental approach to their chosen materials and techniques. With their dual traditional background, they draw on the classic Danish furniture and craft tradition as well as the classic Italian intellectual and conceptual approach. Understanding a tradition and addressing it actively in the workshop makes it possible to expand on it. From this cross-cultural substrate they create furniture that respectfully reflects tradition while also featuring unique embedded stories, symbols and associations, often expressed in a minimalist idiom.

"Our work is balancing between the traditional and surprising. Often it takes just a small detail to achieve or break an expression, and we are very curious about that. We work strictly with the Scandinavian approach to crafts, simplicity and functionalism, but there always happens to be a strong emotion to concept and story behind each work. Contrasts are often the center of our inspiration. Both in work and daily life we are constantly confronted with contrasts, and we do work a lot with references and respect to traditions in both our cultures. We both have roots in strong design cultures. Studying, researching and moving constantly between our two countries, it has become such a natural part of us, that it will also show in our work."

GamFratesi aim to create furniture that illustrates the process and the techniques that created it, and which reflect a persistent exploration of the diverse border zone between harmony and disharmony.

At GUBI, we're on a continual quest. A journey. Fuelled by our passion to discover overlooked icons from the past and future icons in the making, we've made a distinctive name for ourselves in the international design arena as a dynamic design force to be reckoned with.