Marta Pendant Light

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A pendant lamp in two closely linked versions, Muna and Marta, offering a feminine representation of the celestial bodies closest to the earth, the Moon and Mars.

Both Muna and Marta have a two-part structure: a white blown glass sphere and a borosilicate glass cover that encases it. The sphere has an irregular poriferous surface, featuring a series of micro-craters that evoke the shape of the moon. This effect is further enhanced in the Muna version, where the cover has an upper cap painted in blue, which appears to fade downwards, giving the lamp its magnetic and lunar appeal. By contrast, the cover of the Marta version is decorated with a central copper-coloured band (that becomes blue with the light), creating a kind of warm ring around the sphere between two “icy” caps: a clear and powerful image, resembling the planet Mars. Muna and Marta come in two sizes, 20 cm and 30 cm. Muna and Marta are part of the Incanto collection.

Danilo De Rossi

Architect and designer since 1983, with specialization in lighting design at Politecnico di Milano in 1985.
1983-84 and from 1996-2015 is Technical Manager and Art Director for LEUCOS.
1984/85, Art Director for De Majo Murano.
From 2016 he begins collaboration with ITALAMP.

2002- 2005-2008-2009 – Best Booth Award – Hospitality Design Trade Show – Las Vegas
2003- “Best of Category Award” per Clair -LIGHTFAIR INT. 2003 – NEW YORK
2011- GOOD DESIGN AWARD per Eghoor-01 e Colage
2017 – WALLPAPER Design Award – TRIGONA lamp

Italamp philosophy stems from the perception of the context in which we live and from the awareness that being projected into the future does not mean leaving the past behind: the classics, tradition, our Made in Italy, should be seen as a genuine research, enhancement and development of the rich heritage of Italian originality.