Marrakesh lounge table by Skargaarden

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W: 40 cm D: 40 cm H: 40 cm W: 12 kg

It’s easy to assume that objects with such an apparent perfection as the Marrakech tables, were designed out of some profound, almost philosophic pursuit for simplifi ed beauty. Nah. Not really. It started with the Swedish/Finnish design trio Claesson Koivisto. Rune designing Moroccan tiles. The tables? They were originally made as props for the premiere exhibition of the tiles. Art by accident, one might (although a bit blasphemously) say. Well, some accident. The tables, with the simple steel frame and the prominent tiles, are the work of exceptional designers, working without any pressure. The effortless act of genius, the sublime unpretentiousness. Good thing result is more important than intentions. Tables in two sizes, with black and white painted steel frames. The star feature of Marrakech are the tiles, brilliantly crafted by hand in Morocco. Black steel frame with brown-white tiles Black steel frame with grey-white tiles White steel frame with azure-white tiles White steel frame with pink-white tiles

Skargaarden makes leisure furniture, and by that we mean furniture that is beautiful enough to have indoors, but resilient enough to withstand the great outdoors for much of the year.