The Marble Café Table is part of Norr11 café table series, suitable for the Maiden Café table-leg.

Country of Origin
Marble Thickness
The tabletop and the table-leg are sold separately.

The tabletop is handcrafted from Ruschita marble, which is being quarried in the western Romania at the Poiana Ruscă Mountains. This type of marble is very resistant and will look good even after years of usage. The tabletop is polished very carefully, allowing the natural veins of the marble to shine through.

The Marble Café Tabletop comes with predrilled holes that fit the matt black Maiden Café table-legs.

At NORR11 we strive to rethink Scandinavian design in order to create timeless furniture pieces. We seek inspiration from nature and raw materials, which is evident in our products that often redefine materials, techniques and forms. Fusing together cultures from around the world with simple Scandinavian design principles, we generate a unique perspective on furniture design. Our name stands for our Nordic heritage and the day it all began, the 11th of November 2011. Welcome to NORR11.