Coffee table ø 85 cm

MANGROVE was conceived by EOOS as a versatile range of tables specifically designed to complement the DEDON collections. It features circular tabletops with bases composed of inclined supports. Converging towards the top and diverging at floor level, these interlacing supports create an abstract pattern of lines that closely resembles the distinctive trunk of the tropical tree that lends its name to the line. Indeed, with its unmistakable form and unusual means of sustaining itself — by putting out branches to absorb nutrients and carry these to the roots — the mangrove tree constituted an important starting point for the design. It also provided the inspiration for the slits in the tabletops, which give character and lightness to the overall design and help light to circulate, creating fascinating, shimmering effects. Tops and bases in various sizes transform MANGROVE into either a table for lunches or breakfasts, a worktop or desk, or, alternatively, a tea or coffee-table. Produced in painted metal and available in shades of pure white or olive green, Mangrove subtly evokes and highlights the nuances of nature. Colors: pure, white, olive, green Models: Side table ø 45 cm Coffee table ø 85 cm Coffee table 70 x 110 cm

At the end of the `80's, former professional Bayern Munich footballer, Bobby Dekeyser, decided to develop high quality outdoor furniture that could stand up to wind and weather.