Maki Alucompact/Pure-white/Fenix-NTM Fixed - Depth 100

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The long-standing partnership between Kristalia and Bartoli Design has resulted in real best sellers such as the Sushi and Nori tables.

Now it’s time for Maki: a table also inspired by an idea of sheer simplicity, with typically oriental appeal and leg profiles with pleasantly rounded, rather than sharp, corners. Like the other table projects by Bartoli Design, Maki is also available in an extendable or fixed version, in a variety of sizes and colours, allowing a multitude of aesthetic and functional solutions.

Tables that extend to more than 250 cm have a top that slightly bends, which complies with accepted quality standards.

Table L. 269 and 289cm have an under-top bars as a central support, therefore any cable hole cutouts cannot be centrally positioned in depth but must be slightly shifted.

Kristalia was founded in 1994 by young local entrepreneurs joined by two common passions: design and jazz.