The concept behind this kinetic installation is based on the association between two elements – glass and light. Libor conceived the actual movement of the installation as a response by its glass components to light. The sculpture then comes alive in an interaction affected by a ray from its light source. That source functions as a magnet, drawing the individual components together in a dance of movement and intensity. Magnetic becomes a ‘living’ glass organism, dependent on light. As the installation moves, it highlights the craftsmanship of individual clear-crystal components, taking advantage of various glassmaking techniques. There are several varied glass elements in the installation – from glass fragments, to cut crystal and precise hand-blown components that are Lasvit’s principal domain. Specifications Dimensions / L2640 x W1680 x OH 2500 mm Light source/ 60 x LED downlight Weight/ 1000kg Primary material –artistic hand-blown glass, hand-cut crystal, hand-shaped solid crystal Power/ 5kW

The brand LASVIT, founded in 2007 by Leon Jakimic, sheds a new light on Bohemian glass and takes it into the next millennium.