magnat by Brühl

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magnat‘s appeal lies in the extreme simplicity and clarity of the design which, although sparse – not least also in spatial terms –not only looks lively because of the outwards curving armrests and the graceful outline but also offers plenty of freedom to move when sitting down. At the front foot area, the armchair angles slightly towards the back. This gives the legs more room and also adds a dynamic touch to the outline. magnat is available with leather covers in different colours. The high quality material looks particularly striking in the form of smoothly upholstered surfaces and also makes these strikingly timeless pieces of furniture extremely durable.

The magnat sofas and armchairs were designed 20  years ago by Erik Magnussen. Their appeal lies in the design’s extreme simplicity, clarity and elegance. The sofa features a subtly dividing seam at the centre. On requirement, it can also be luxuriously finished in one piece. Fixed covers in open-pored thick leather make magnat a piece of lasting value that is suitable for both commercial and residential interiors.

Quality Made in Germany brühl creates furniture of eclectic design.