Magis Proust Armchair

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“I think many people will already know my “Proust armchair”.

It is a romantic, baroque chair, on which an endless number of multi-coloured dots are hand-painted using the pointillism technique. These dots cover the whole armchair, both the fabric and the wooden decorations. It’ s a re-design work. It is, in fact, a combination of a mockantique armchair with a detail from a painting of a garden by French artist Signac. From 1978 onwards, the “Proust armchair” was produced in many versions, using different colours, materials and dimensions, and was even made of ceramics and bronze. It travelled all around the world and was hosted in many museums. But now some truly revolutionary news, as a paradox comes true: the “Proust armchair” has now been transformed into an industrial rotational-moulded piece. Ladies and gentlemen, we bring you “Magis Proust”. This gem of technology and production brings new energy in its colours and atmospheres, making it a truly timeless object.”

Magis: pushing the boundaries of design