Magic Matrix TV Lowboard by Yomei

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The modular TV Lowboard with room divider function, a 270 degree rotatable TV holder with back panel and infrared repeater impresses with its linear design and high functionality.

This Lowboard system offers endless combinations and functions. You can use the items that are available with flap or drawers, endlessly lined up and stacked on top of each other. The connection of the elements is made with a slim stainless steel bar. The elements can either be placed on a 10 cm high stainless steel foot or on a 4.5 cm high base with a stainless steel cover. The surface is made of leather and is manufactured with a special folding technique. To the rear of the low boards is processed in visible quality and the furniture is also excellent as a room divider especially the types can be combined so that the opening is on different sides.

Yomei – functionality in design. Combining aesthetic design with a high level of practical function is a fine art that has been perfected by up-and-coming furniture brand Yomei, outshining its German rivals.