Introducing the noticeboard that you will want to show off!

Let's face it - memo boards are usually pretty dull. MAG is anything but. A stunning noticeboard that will take pride of place on your wall to elegantly gather and present all of your memories, reminders and notes.

Constructed from coated steel panels with a solid oak frame, the face has a perforated pattern that gives the board a wonderful sense of depth and character.

Available in green or black and in 2 sizes.

Material: Steel / Oak

Small Frame
Dimensions: 45 x 26.5 x 4cm

Large Frame
Dimensions: 60 x 70.5 x 4cm

Packaging: Recycled card / Foam inserts

The MAG pinboards are made from perforated metal boards assembled in an oaken frame. They are perfect to pin and display notes, drawings, photos and postcards using colorful magnets.

Transparency and flow are the main impressions you get when looking at the MAG pinboard, says designer Henrik Ilfeldt. The perforated pattern itself lets the eyes wander and the feeling of a secret space behind the perforated surface adds an extra dimension to the room. At Korridor we are very focused on three dimensional effects in product design and surfaces. Reflections of lights and shades and the sense of depth perception are all effects that will surprise, inspire and evoke positive feelings in people.

Henrik Ilfeldt

Henrik Ilfeldt, founder of design brand Korridor, is a Danish architect influenced by the simplicity and functionality of Scandinavian design, with added personality.

"Functionality appeals to your mind, simplicity to your aesthetic sense, and colour speaks to the heart. Often you cannot explain why you love a certain color combination - it's just a feeling. To me it is important to be able to bring positive feelings into design and into people's homes."

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