Madison Easy Chair with Removable Upholstery Sled Base

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When it comes to attention to detail, Madison is nothing but a prime example.

Just look at the sleek legs, the buttons on the backrest and the balanced proportions.

Leila Atlassi

Humility, sensitivity, generosity and friendliness. These are not just keywords for Leila Atlassi personally, but also in her professional pursuits. Leila Atlassi strives to design furniture that do not only tolerate repetition, but can even be strengthened by it. As a result, her designs are often subtle and simple. A special fondness for beautiful systems and structures draws Leila Atlassi to furniture that comes in an abundance of designs, variations and combinations.

Combining different variations allows the user of the furniture or product to continue creating – in the best case, something completely unique. Leila Atlassi was born in 1980. She has a Master of Fine Arts in design from the University of Gothenburg, and also studied industrial design at Chalmers University of Technology.

After designing furniture and products at a multidisciplinary firm in New York, she returned to Sweden and Gothenburg to work for one of Sweden’s best-known architects, Gert Wingårdh at Wingårdhs. In addition to her job, Atlassi works on product and furniture design privately.

Swedese's ideals are the same today as they have been for the past seventy years. These are to create beautiful furniture for the future, which build on the foundations of Scandinavian modern traditions, designed by forward-looking designers who share in the timeless ideals of architecture.