Made in the Workshop Sheet Cabinet L by Lensvelt

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The design for the Sheet Cabinets came forth from two thoughts: firstly, to use material, montage techniques, and production techniques as effectively as possible; secondly, to keep every detail of the furniture visible. The complete cabinet is made from only one standard-sized metal sheet, one meter high. The profile of the sheet is kept visible. From above, the cabinet looks like a blueprint. Elements are also kept visible at the back, as the cabinet is designed as a free-standing piece. The cabinet is produced in grey plates, every cabinet has two doors and is available in three sizes. The top panels of the low and middle-high cabinets can be made of  glass or wood, and can be adjusted in size. That way, it is possible to place two or three cabinets together and connect them with single top panel. Material: powder coated sheet metal (RAL 7035), top varnished pine edge. Dimensions: 1 hull, 91,5 x 50 x 214 cm.

LENSVELT HISTORY The creation of our company lies in the early 60 when Mr AG Th.