Designed by Miguel Angél Garcia Belmonte, the Ma-ce-ta series consists of multi-faceted ceramic garden pots attachable and detachable to one’s liking. Handmade in Southern Spain, the Ma-ce-ta pots come in three different sizes and let you customize your very own modular garden.

Ma-ce-ta: introduction to modular gardening

On its own, one of these planters makes a crisp statement. As a trio, the Ma-Ce-Ta builds a sculptural, tiered landscape that transforms house plants into an essential element of interior design. Ideal solution for compact living environments, they can be used for both indoor and outdoor gardening. Each pot is designed in a way that the outer white shell retains the excess water.

The Ma-ce-ta gardening pots series wears Pott’s distinctive signature: applying traditional pottery techniques and natural materials to contemporary design.

*Please note that these 3 planters are sold as a set.

Designs by Miguel Angel Garcia Belmonte . Handmade in Spain.