Paper pulp lamp “Luna” refers with its colour and shape to the Moon.

Although the Moon seen from the Earth appears a very bright white, its surface is actually dark. The structure of the lamp – irregular and cracked – is filled with numerous “craters” - holes. When the light is turn on, the dormant “Luna” comes to life and light is spilling out of it. The light that spills out through the holes creates a diverse mosaic of shadow in the whole room. Luna takes part of a collection of lamps connected by the common name "Copernicus".

This lamp is made entirely from paper pulp obtained using only old newspapers. Therefore it’s 100 % recycled and eco-friendly. Each paper pulp lamp is different and unique. Supplied with red, blue, yellow, black or white textile cable (1 m). Kit does not include light bulb. Use LED bulb. Dimensions: 50 cm high x 56 cm wide. Handmade in Spain.

Creates ecological lighting from paper waste with traditional technique of papier mâché.