Luna 60 by Feuerring

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The Feuerring Luna captivates with its individual height. With the second bottom the fire will be visible in the perfect height. A timeless piece of art which pleases in an aesthetic and culinary way supporting your eating philosophy. With the Luna 40 you will enjoy conviviality with your guests having a barbecue together. The Luna 60 allows barbecue standing at its side, whereas Luna 50 with its medium height can be enjoyed while sitting around and is at the same time still comfortable for standing use. Measures: diameter 131 cm, height 60 cm, weight: 240 kg

Barbeque on art. Feuerring – The Original. Good company and sensory pleasures are fundamental aspects of the Feuerring philosophy of life. For centuries, all communal life centred around the fire. The Feuerring – as a modern fire pit – issues an invitation to once again draw in and savour life around it, no matter what the season. The welcoming atmosphere and inspiring warmth of a crackling fire, the cosy com panionship of friends and guests and, above all, the gentle and healthy barbequing of premium ingredients, culminating in the creation of culinary menus, are central to us at Feuerring. As we say: Pleasing all our senses! Feuerring LUNA is available in 3 different sizes.

Barbeque on art. Feuerring – The Original.