The open gently sloping base provides a soft contrast for the solid wood tabletop. The tabletop is designed with a new rounded edge profile with light slope matching the base.  LOWLIGHT TABLE's base, which is available in black or grey powder-coated steel, creates stability and ensures perfect seating to the table. The table top if finished with either a soap or oil treatment or as a new alternative, grey oil that provides a beautiful and user friendly surface that matches the modern shades. The table can be expanded at any time with extension leaves. Material Solid walnut, oak, wild-oak or smoked oak Surface treatment Oil, matt lacquer, soap, white-oil or grey-oil Legs Steel black or grey lacquered You can adjust the position of the legs using two prepared mounting options.  Dimensions Tabletop: 4 cm Height: 72 cm Width: 100 cm Length: 180-300 cm Other sizes possible, please require  Tabletop Two-pieces Extension leaf 2 available Each 50 cm Solid wood or black MDF

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