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Softline A/S Lounge sofa Softline A/S Lounge sofa Softline A/S Lounge chaise long Softline A/S Lounge pouf

Sophisticated minimalism Use the sofa alone or combine sofa and chaise long for a large, beautiful corner sofa. The adaptable backrest makes LOUNGE extremely comfortable to sit in and a dream to sleep on. The LOUNGE series also includes a pouf that can be transformed into a bed. Dimensions / cm: Sofa: L 198 x D 96 x H 75 x SH 40 Bed: 85 oder 160 x 198 Chaise long: L 173 x D 105 x H 75 x SH 40 Bed: 155 x 195 Corner sofa: L 303 D 183 H 75 SH 40 Pouf : L 99 x D 74 x H 40 x SH 40 Bed: 74 x 198 x H 20

Vision Softline shall be a leading provider of innovative, functional and high-quality furniture for private homes and public spaces worldwide.Mission By using innovative constructions, new and eco-friendly materials and cooperating closely with internationally acclaimed designers, Softline creates a feeling of optimal value and quality and becomes the first choice when decorating homes and public spaces with functional designer furniture.