The bench is made up of injected polypropylene and on metal tube structure following the natural evolution of the stool and chair. And by the end of 2011 is also available in two versions, with or without arms and from a minimum of 2 seats to 5 seats. Its arms are made in aluminum, the metal structure of tubular steel, the legs in aluminum, and with different seating options in polypropylene, one-color or two-tone, with upholstered seat or integral upholstered and even wood.

Lottus XS child Child Lottus XS collection, ENEA’s proposal for kids - ENEA’s child Lottus XS collections a design developed by Lievore Altherr Molina is about the needs of children - The child Lottus XS collection is colorful, versatile and functional ENEA was born in 1984 with the objective to offer a contemporary design product to fit for all types of spaces: private interiors, offices, hospitality, auditoriums, conference rooms, etc. During all these years ENEA has understand the importance also to develop furniture that match the sizes, colours, materials and needs of the kids. The result was the child Lottus XS collection grown for children. Architects and interior designers have designed in the past years colourful, modern and funny spaces for kids (bedrooms, schools, nursery schools, play centres, library, bookshops, waiting areas, etc.) using furniture developed specially for them. The child Lottus XS chair, which can match if necessary with the table XS, are part of the Lottus program designed by Lievore Altherr Molina. It’s a collection developed for children and to be use in public spaces as libraries, schools, nursery schools, play centre, etc., as well as for home spaces. Lottus XL The Lottus XL chair from ENEA, presented at the last edition of the Milan Furniture Fair, has been renamed by Lottus Lounge to better identify the types of spaces for which has been designed for. Lottus Lounge is a seat created by ENEA in collaboration with Lievore Altherr Molina and developed considering specific areas such as the waiting areas in offices, hotels, medical centers, etc. Presented at the last edition of the Milan Furniture Fair, has been renamed Lottus Lounge to identify in better way its uses in areas focusing on hotels market and contract office. Lottus A series of chairs, with the seat and backrest composed of injected polypropylene frames, and the possibility of combining colours and plastic or textile finishes. These are mounted on different metallic bases: with four castor wheels, a central support and castor wheels, or on a fixed support, the last two types come in two heights. The versatility resulting from these combinations make Lottus an ideal choice for a wide range of situations, whether in the office or at home. Lottus Chair, designed by Lievore Altherr Moina following the lines and the stile of the Lottus stool. This seats program is made up of injected polyproylene bench formed by a single frame combining colour and upholstery on the seat. The design allows it to be mounted on several painted metal tube structures with a stackable 4 leg base, stackable slide base and swivelling central leg. All this combined with its contained dimensions, carefully studied ergonomics and a friendly shape makes the Lottus chair a versatile product with a wide range of applications, either in the contract at home.

ENEA began its activity in 1984, focusing on manufacturing and commercializing contemporary design furniture.