Circle thickness 2 cm


Brightness >4000 lm
Dimmable Yes
Light source LED


The circle, an archetypal elementary geometric shape, marks the boundaries of the empty space that characterizes the Lost lamp.

As if sucked into a black hole, every subjective style and technical aspect disappears, leaving in their wake only the silence of the central void. Surrounded by its refined, consistent light, which makes it suitable for any setting, Lost is a neutral lamp with a strong identity, whose distinctive feature is essentialism. The main characteristic of Lost lamps, the void inside a circular 2 cm thick light source able to emit more than 4000 lumen, lies in the special flexible support onto which 1400 LED lights have been assembled. This technology has allowed continuous, even uniform light to be created along the lamp’s entire external perimeter, which can also be dimmed.

Established in 1976, Magis combines design, technological innovation and a 100% Made in Italy ethos to create high quality products.