Lossit Armchair

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The move to make the contemporary workplace a more diverse, comfortable, relaxing and different environment continues apace, and is only likely to grow in line with the expectations and preferences of the growing number of millennials in the workforce.

The new workplace increasingly sees contemporary design being complemented and counterpointed by mid-century modern, vintage, ‘70s retro-inspired designs and industrial chic (with an eclectic mix of natural and industrial materials). The search for a made-by-hand (rather than by committee) aesthetic sees raw metals, roughly finished woods, synthetic leathers and vinyls appearing alongside intense pop patterns, hand-dyed corduroys and lush velvets.

Orangebox was born in the summer of 2002. To be successful in a market saturated with great companies – some local, some global – we knew we needed a compelling point of difference. We found it in a powerful innovation focus.