Loos Cafe Museum Upholstered Dining Chair
Wiener GTV Design

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A refined and timeless object. Elegance, formal lightness and everyday life. The famous Adolf Loos chair lives on today thanks to new production techniques while maintaining the artisan quality that gave it birth.

Inspired by the models n. 14 and n. 30 of the Thonet catalog and to n. 248 of the Kohn catalog, the Loos Cafè Museum was designed in 1898 to furnish the famous Café Museum in Vienna. Innovative in structure, thanks to the use of elliptical rather than round structures to give the chair great lightness without affecting its stability, the Loos Café Museum has the seat frame curved in one piece with or without saddle modulation. The back is partially oval-shaped.

Adolf Loos

Adolf Loos (Brno 1870 - Kalksburg, Vienna, 1933), was an architect and valid representative of a renewal of architecture that included the renunciation of all superfluous formalism. In sharp contrast to the Viennese eclecticism and especially to the Secession, its architecture was devoid of any ornamental superstructure, and the form had to respond as directly as possible to the expectations and needs of the human being. In his writings he illustrated his aversion to any type of ornament and his theory in which the utility of the production of objects of simple and functional form is privileged.

Loos is considered one of the founders of European Rationalism and, in general, of modern architectural taste.

Gebrüder Thonet Vienna GmbH (GTV) is part of a great European history that merges tradition and innovation, renewing its style lines through continuous project research.