In addition to "Lönneberga" for consistent, very comfortable every day use, we offer a "guest bed version", "Lönneberga MDF". Considerably lower priced, it enables a good sleep for some nights. Simple slats, polyfoam mattress, MDF white melamine finish, visible MDF edges, "Lönneberg MDF" offers a good guest room solution. Supplement: Bed sack "Alfred" for both "Lönneberga" and "Lönneberga MDF". This is the end of the old fashioned wooden trunk to store quilts. Now you store everything with "Alfred" and use him as back or arm rest. On the bed or on the floor, "Alfred" serves as a practical individual item.

One for All Staple beds? In small rooms for kids or guests! A couch during the day, a bed for one at night. And when a school friend or guest comes for the night, lift one up and put it next to the other. A true quality double or two single beds. Real comforts with full flexibility. Later, the Staple bed for the kids become the allround furniture for the apprentice or the student. Saving space for one. Two full quality beds for two. Same applies for guest rooms. The beds next to each other fit perfectly. No gap. Space saving. Cool clours. Black, white or red. New: also available in solid oak, smoked or maritime pine, plywood. All variations now also with bedding box. Bed sack >Alfred<, marks that the time is over for the traditional way of storing bedding in a wooden trunk. Now you can store them in a bed sack. Zipper closed and you have an arm and back rest on your Staple Bed. Not a single function, but several, you can use the bed sack as an individual item of furniture, a very comfortable arm or back restlying on the floor. ""Lönneberga"" or ""Lönneberga MDF""? Shape wise they are identical. Only material, surface and quality of matrace and slats differ. “Lönneberga” is the version for high quality everyday sleeping comfort. Individualy mounted curved slats with special support where the hip lies. Lönneberga MDF” is the lower priced guest room version. For a few nights sleep. Flat slats, polyfoam matrace. MDF frame, covered with white melamine, visible mdf edges.

RICHARD LAMPERT: DESIGN ICONS AND CONTEMPORARY DESIGN In 1993, Richard Lampert founded his company, based in the German city of Stuttgart, with the aim of producing innovative and versatile furniture for everyday use.