Lollygagger Chaise by Loll Designs
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The Lollygagger Chaise Lounge Chair is intended for extended relaxing – even napping. The lighter weight of this outdoor chaise lounge makes it easy to swing around with the direct rays of the sun. The back adjusts to six different angles, so when you need a break from the action, this patio lounger accommodates your mood swings without asking questions. Made in the USA from recycled plastic, this chaise lounge chair comes in 10 colors. leaf material: 100% recycled HDPE dimensions: width: 26 ̋ (66.0cm) depth: 74 ̋ (188.3cm) height: 29.75 ̋ (75.8cm) weight: 60 lbs (27.2kg) 480 reclaimed milk jugs

The Lollygagger Collection is our first family of modern outdoor furniture specifically meant to hang out together. Designed to be fun, lighthearted and low to the ground, the collection is for people who take their active lives seriously but cherish that hard-sought lounging time. From outdoor lounge chairs and picnic tables, outdoor sofas and even the Lollygagger Longboard, the Lollygagger collection has everything you need to get on with relaxing.

Loll is outdoor furniture for the modern lollygagger.