Material 4 mm. Solid copper or aluminumin in the colors braun, brass or copper Dimensions H50 x Ø35 cm

Universal. Significant. Harmonious. Three adjectives to suitably capture the essence of LITTLE WING - a small, distinctive table in a light and timeless design to meet expressive and minimalistic taste. LITTLE WING is a universal furniture with multiple design possibilities. It can be used as a coffee table, side table, bedside table and much more. If you divide the LITTLE WING in two, you can actually even use each "wing", mount it to the wall and then you have two wall mounted bedsides. With two different heights, table top sizes and several colour combinations it offers almost endless compositional possibilities. The idea behind LITTLE WING is to combine two equal parts, which together form a perfect table. The combination enlightens a harmonious and streamlined character that provides a contrasting look among slender strokes and a voluminous expression. The circular table top combined with the edgy lower base exhibits a unique aesthetic appeal and an uncompromising focus on design and quality. The essence of LITTLE WING is found in the craftsmanship. The table is manufactured in two different high-end materials with an elegant LITTLE WING engraving. The table comes in an exclusive 4mm solid copper edition. The copper edition is polished and sanded by hand adding a unique and personal touch to the table. The copper edition is accompanied by a set of white cotton gloves to prevent fingerprints when mounting and preserve the delicate and characteristically bare, untreated surfaces. The table is also crafted in a hand-sanded aluminium edition with three different anodized versions for a more minimalistic, raw and natural expression. The method of anodizing creates a special and decorative surface, which is able to withstand abrasion for many years to come. The LITTLE WING table is the result of a collaborative effort between dk3 and the Norwegian design trio Knudsen/Berg/Hindenes. The trio have their educational background from Bergen Academy of Art and Design and specialize in furniture, product and interior design.

We create uniquely designed furniture that is shaped by nature and crafted by true enthusiasts.