Link Dining Table - Round

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Displaying a variety of stylistic connotations, Link range is the extremely versatile, modular and practical answer to all kinds of space- and layout-related requirements.

Modular table with disassembling drawn steel frame, and die-cast aluminium joints. Adjustable feet and top support plates in stainless steel. Glass tops.

Table with steel drawn frame and cast aluminum joints.
Adjustable top supports and feet made of stainless steel.
Toughened glass top, 15 mm thickness.

Hannes Wettstein

Hannes Wettstein (1958-2008) was one of the most innovative and influential designers in Switzerland. Wettstein completed an apprenticeship as a structural engineering draughtsman and then trained himself as a designer and architect. His willingness to always rethink everything determined by design led him to create surprisingly simple solutions that outlasted time. Hannes Wettstein designed elegant and perfect objects for daily use that maintained their identity and remained timeless even in the changing flow of fashion.

Desalto has always been an integral part of the Brianza area manufacturing tradition, stretching from the 1950s to the present day. Brianza is a special region where the masters of Italian design found a fertile environment and resolute, enthusiastic business people. Desalto founders, the Orsenigo family, are among the entrepreneurs who helped to spread, worldwide, the concept of a product based on a constant technical and technological research, aesthetically sophisticated and designed to be functional.