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With its VITACORE® touch panel, premium LED technology and ease of use, the entry level model stands at a compact 60 centimetre height and offers the same lighting benefits which make LUCTRA® the ideal lamp for the workplace. The basic model offers three different light temperature settings: 2,700 Kelvin with a high proportion of red like in a sunset, 3,600 Kelvin comparable to the light of mornings and afternoons, and 6,500 Kelvin with a high proportion of blue such as in natural daylight. In addition to the light colour settings, the basic model in the LUCTRA® range can also be set to five different light intensity settings. Operation is easy via the electronic VITACORE® touch panel which can be activated by a simple touch. With only very low power consumption, CREE high-power LEDs generate illuminance levels of up to 1,000 lux at the desktop from a height of 60 cm. The lamp heads dissipate the heat from the LEDs effectively with the help of their specially designed cooling fins, so that the operating temperature of the LEDs never rises above 40°C. Thanks to high-quality, self-locking joints, the desktop lamp can be adjusted precisely into any desired position. LINEAR TABLE FEATURES - Perfect temperature management for a long service life of well over 50,000 hours for LEDs - High light illuminance of 1,000 lux at a height of 60 cm above the table surface - Self-locking joints - Colour temperature adjustable for three levels (2,700 I 3,600 I 6,500 Kelvin) - Two warm-white and two cold-white CREE high-power LEDs, narrow tolerance binnings for high colour fidelity, high colour rendition with CRI ≥ 85 Colours: Black, White or Aluminum

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