Width 125 cm
Depth 15 cm
Height 35 cm
Gross weight 8 kg
Net weight 6.6 kg


Finish Lacquered Oak
Material Solid wood


Note Compatible with Linear System Office Tables
Suitable for contract use Yes
Suitable for outdoor use No
Year of design 2020

The Linear System Screen creates intimate atmospheres without shielding one from the outside world alongside the subtle functionality of its integrated to on both sides for storing smaller objects.

The screens also feature a small foot on each side upon which smaller elements can be stored. Can be used either freestanding or be mounted onto the Linear System Series.

Thomas Bentzen

THOMAS BENTZEN, former designer at Louise Campell Studio, started his own studio in 2010. He is the co-founder of the design collective REMOVE and his products have received international recognition at fairs and exhibitions all over the world.

β€œI like to create objects that are functional and simple and meet the human need while in use - and simply create joy while not. For me durability means quality, form and functionality. And putting an immense amount of energy into making virtues out of necessities.”

β€œTo me Scandinavian design has always been about honesty and functionality composed with poetry. I like it that way. And I think Scandinavian designers have succeeded in bringing their heritage into a time where we no longer stand next to the cabinetmaker, but are challenged and thrilled by new materials and new ways to produce.”

In fact, our name Muuto, inspired by the Finnish word muutos, means new perspective.