Lima by Durlet

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Durlet Lima Durlet Lima Durlet Lima

Anita Schmidt designed this model to create a compact sofa that stands out perfectly in both small living rooms and in open spaces. A compact model, however, demands certain richness in its effect. This richness is provided by the arm cushions that are positioned loose on the seat cushion but are attached to the armrest at the top and, therefore, seem to arise out of them. This special detail is highlighted by the piping that runs from the bottom front of the armrest to the top and subsequently, via the armrest cushions, runs at an angle back down up to the sofa’s seating cushion. This elegant finish can also be seen in the loose back cushions whose relatively loose upholstery offers additional comfort. The generously thick seat cushion is made out of large pieces of leather without seams on the front and oozes the high- est level of sitting comfort. Since the cushion rests on a narrow plinth, the entire object looks well-balanced and light. The legs can be coated in a color of choice, which potentially gives the sofa a unique and personal look and feel: ranging from a neutral character by selecting similar hues to a somewhat trendier look by working with contrasting or more vivid colors. Lima can be supplied as a sofa in the following dimensions: 150, 165, 185, 210, 241 cm. A matching footstool with the same frames in the sizes 55 x 80 cm can also be supplied. An optional headrest completes the series.

Belgian top quality Durlet is widely recognised as a benchmark for quality.