Leya Bench by Freifrau Sitzmöbelmanufaktur
Freifrau Sitzmöbelmanufaktur

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While the elegant, tautly upholstered exterior sits on either a delicate wire frame or a solid wood trestle, Leya’s interior is soft and inviting like a large cushion: in this way, Birgit Hoffmann and Christoph Kahleyss’s chair design is the result of combining opposites. The Leya bench (available at 160cm, 200cm, or 240cm length) rests on a wire frame so lithe that the piece appears far lighter and smaller than it actually is. Maße Height: 85cm Widths: 180 cm/ 200 cm/ 220 cm/ 240 cm Depth: 57 cm Seat height: 47cm Armrest height: 53 cm Materials High-quality fabric and leather

A hard shell, with a soft core – Birgit Hoffmann’s design is a fusion of contrasts. Leya is a perfectly formed chair featuring an elegant, firmly upholstered outer shell on conical wooden legs, which are held together by a metal ring. This ring can be painted to match the colour of the chair cover. With its congenial mix of material and colour, Leya has all the makings of a unique designer piece. To sit down in the chair is to indulge the senses further still. The inner padding accommodates your body much like a fluffy pillow and, in doing so, reveals Leya’s soft core to the chair user.

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