Lever travels on the borderline of ambiguousness. An honest ambiguousness, however, that becomes ambivalence and therefore let the whole bed group acquire a real double value. And so, contained dimensions live together the “strong” immediate thickness without global traumas; in the same way, the “trendy” combination of wood and glass of the bedside tables could join the elegant headbord, which, consistently, can split in its being reclining. Moreover, Lever arouses the maximum astonishment when we admire it from above: what is supporting the bed and the bedside tables, which are available indifferently both single or double, the single one on the left or on the right side according to each personal taste or need ? A light breath finding its secret in a lever, who crosses the whole horizon of the bed creating that so ambiguous suspension effect.

Former, Industria per l’Arredamento based in Cantù, was born in 1967.