Level by Lande

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Lande Level Lande Level

Find your Level. Is it a sofa or a table? With this sophisticated style-setter, you no longer have to choose. Its playful design simply invites you to take part. To chat, discuss, present, eat or study. Level makes it special. There’s a Level for yourself, with a sofa for a leg. It makes a great desk. Striking and practical. If there are more people and you want to meet and discuss as a group, the extended Level is just the place for it. Here you can work, think, play, do nothing or give everything. In short, just be yourself at a beautiful table. Because of the thickness of the sides and top, and its sturdy metal construction, the Level can soak up a lot of punishment. Need more space? Just link them together. And for people who prefer to stand, there’s even a high model. With the same solid characteristics and quality. Level. Let’s get around the table.

There is an increasing demand for a different way of working and living.