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The dining chair by Soda Designers puts a new slant on traditional deep-buttoned upholstery. The signature design element is the soft mat that seems to lie on the chair though in reality it is permanently connected to it. The designers deliberately reference familiar forms. The smooth, unquilted leatherwork is understated but elegant. Both models are available with or without arms. The armrests are certainly an attractive option, as the combination of leather upholstery and wood is superbly executed. For the chair legs there is a choice of leather covering, a variety of wood stains or standard RAL colours.Leslie armchair/sofa/bench stool Following the successful launch of their Leslie upholstered chair, Nada Nasrallah and Christian Horner of Soda Designers have added an armchair, a slimline sofa and a bench stool to the range. The new pieces take their cue from the elegant armrests and light, deep-buttoned or smooth upholstery mat that are the signature features of the original chair. These details highlight the traditional craftmanship and modern feel that are the hallmarks of the designers’ style. Despite their formal note, the new models are sleek, versatile and ideally suited to use either as stand-alone furniture or companion pieces to classic sofas. The range is rounded off by a dining table.Leslie dining table The new dining table is an ideal match for the Leslie range – great for anyone who likes a harmonious ensemble. Details and materials pick up on Leslie’s distinctive features, yet the table’s graceful and restrained formal language blends well with other models, too. The version with a leather covered top cries out for use as a conference table. Only Wittmann, with its wealth of leatherworking experience, could bring off aesthetic and tactile perfection like this.

Wittmann is a company steeped in tradition. The wealth of expertise it draws on has been handed down over the years from one generation to the next.