Les Acrobates De Gras 325 Round Shade Pendant Light

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Les Acrobates de GRAS » are adept at doing tricks high in the air, way above the ground.

The catcher is concentrated and reliable (N¬∫322) as it receives the flyers. The spectacle is impressive, full of movement, rhythm and colour. The colours and shapes of the Lampe Gras reflector and glass balls (L, XL size & √ò175 & √ò250) are elegant and sharp. ¬´ Les Acrobates de GRAS ¬ª can be combined with each other letting everyone make their own model. Let the¬†show¬†begin¬†!

DCW Editions is a producer of objects : objects whose roots are in the past, whose use is in the present and whose vision is for the future, all of which have three things in common : They are well conceived, well designed and well made.