Shade opal methacrilate. Electronic ballast included/Lamp not included. L 70/90/120 cm

Alma light presents its new luminaire LENS. This luminaire is developed by the necessity to create a light that could illuminate a space homogenously, with a light, elegant and neutral shape. A diffuser composed by 2 methacrylate plates curved in concave form, welded opposed to each other was the solution. The inferior screen, 5cm smaller than the superior, leaves around a hoop that breaks the refraction of the light, darkening itself and thus it creates a very decorative effect that gives out the formal rigidity. This model is made as normal production in diameters of 60, 90 and 120cm and can be made under specification until to a diameter of 160cm, which confers to the piece an outstanding interest as a big format spectacular lamp. Is produced as suspension and ceiling version, using one fluorescent circular tube 55W that perfectly disperses the light inside the screen giving a clear, very homogenous and completely free of shades light. For the larger versions it is possible to accommodate other light sources in low consumption like 3x32W or 3x42W. Also our LED RING can be adapted to create color LED RGB effects. Its formal and structural simplicity contributes to a beauty and elegance that is easily adapted to any contemporary space, without filling too much visually even when using big formats. Shade opal methacrilate Electronic ballast included By using the remote control the LED colour can be changed and fixed in the desired one.

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