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Officeline Lei Officeline Lei

In collaboration with Monica Förster we created an office chair specifically designed for women, a product that’s been tailored to meet the ergonomic demands of female posture. Lei brings together innovative technology and breath taking design in a revolutionary way. After all the ergonomic specifications were set, a number of technological solutions were needed in order for Lei to become reality. Elegant and user-friendly controls, an easy-adjustable backrest and the patented lumbar support LumbarFlex are a few of the aspects that helped in making Lei the technological, functional and aesthetic accomplished chair it is. Design by Monica Förster As one of the most well renowned designers in Sweden, Monica Förster was an important piece of the puzzle in the development of Lei. We felt that it was essential that the appearance of the chair would reflect the innovative and revolutionary mechanism.

With the core principals ergonomics, functionality and innovative design Officeline has since its inception worked towards better sitting.