Leaf by RiZZ

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Stainless steel 24.01.900

The ‘Leaf’ is specifically suitable for the vertical tubes on the RiZZ coat rack system. The leaves hang on their own weight. When you hang a jacket on the leaf coat hook, the extra weight makes the fix stronger. Why to buy? - You can simply add leaves to store more pieces on the vertical tube of a RiZZ coat rack - Make a matching combination ‘ton sur ton’ or choose to be different by selecting a different colour - The coconut and beech finish are made of liquid wood. The most durable solution made from biological material one can think of and a very efficient production process - Adjustable in height!

THE STORY THE ENTRANCE MAKES ALL THE DIFFERENCE RiZZ is all about products that define the entrance, the central space that accommodates many daily functions and where you make your first impression.