This luminaire is compatible with the light bulbs of the following energy classes: A++/A+/A/B/C/D/E W 100 x D 10 x H 25 cm 1 x 39 W T5 fluorescent

The Lea collection of minimal, austere wall lamps is purposefully sober and practical, designed to integrate beautifully with existing architecture and surrounding space. Functionality and diversity is the key. Lea can be installed in compact work areas with excellent results. In common spaces where low level lighting is required, multiple fixtures mounted in series can serve as a guide or an architectural, decorative element. An innovative, integrated shelf on top of the fixtures creates space for display of everyday objects, literature or correspondence. Made of extruded aluminum with an opal polycarbonate bottom diffuser, and efficient fluorescent lamping, the Lea collection is suitable for both residential and contract environments. Available in 4 sizes. Finishes: ELECTRONIC BALLAST / WHITE DIMMING BALLAST / WHITE Policarbonate diffuser included Upper shelf bears until 4 kg Special colors: RAL number to be indicated. Minimum quantity: 30 pieces. SPARE PART Polycarbonate diffuser

Alex Fernández Camps

Barcelona (España), 1972.

I studied technical architect in combination with artistic practice in different disciplines like painting, photography and installation.
Simultaneously, I started in the practice of industrial design meeting the concerns and the vocation to participate in the solutions of the objects that immediately surround us.
Understanding the object from its function on a human scale, innovating from there, is what I mean by design.
Instead of working on the object, I work from people and situations, approaching the object from that angle, and then I try to compose the piece in the simplest way possible.

“Those of us who live near the Mediterranean know all the nuances of light.