Le Klint 208 Wall Light
Le Klint

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A beautiful wall lamp, originally created by Tage Klint in 1945 as a ceiling rose.

In 1989, the display is adapted to also be used as wall lamp. The lamp is available in several sizes and provides a fine distribution of the light, so space is well lit up. The corresponding ceiling rose is model 26th.

Tage Klint

Director, 1884 - 1953

Tage Klint, the son of P.V. Jensen-Klint, was a creative entrepreneur who decided in 1943 to transform the Klint family's pleating activities into a business, thus establishing the commercial foundations for the LE KLINT Company.

Tage Klint was a qualified chartered surveyor. In 1943, Thomas B. Thrige persuaded him to travel to Odense in Denmark to work on building the 'Triangel' car factory. He also established two other companies, Lactosan and Sanovo.

Tage Klint added the unique collar to the original Klint lampshades, which exploits the elasticity in the material, allowing the shade to fit firmly in place on a stand. Tage Klint also designed a number of lamps, of which some are still part of the LE KLINT product range.

"I have always been fascinated with light in its many forms. I am constantly amazed at the ability of pure natural light´s power, to enhance or deplete nature´s beauty. On occasion, I have questioned, how can it get us to simultaneously, think about colour texture and shade, while interacting with our senses and affecting our moods." Kim Weckstrøm Jensen, CEO