Le Klint 148 Pendant Light
Le Klint

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Designer Anna-Mette Monnelly was inspired by the Coprino mushroom and transformed.

It´s characteristics into this piece af danish art.

Anna-Mette Monnelly

Anna-Mette Monnelly Architect, 1975

Anna-Mette Monnelly is an architect and graduated from the School of Architecture in Copenhagen. She has also been studying at MIT in Boston.

She is owner of Sight and Settlement, which advises the field of sustainability, energy conservation and indoor environment.
Has for years taught in sustainability and architecture.

Anne-Mette's work is grounded in a deep interest and respect for the material properties. For years she has developed sustainable architecture in the United States where the exposure to optimize how we use our shared resources has been the driving force.

Beauty and the quality of design is in focus.

Studied at MIT to learn more about complex materials. Exhibited at the Louvre as a student: a project which addressed the future of materials and how they affect the experience of being in the room where they are used.

Working with sustainable architecture, indoor environment and resource management.

For her first product for LE KLINT, Anna-Mette Monnelly was inspired by the Coprino fungus and transformed its characteric shape into a piece of Danish designed art.

"I have always been fascinated with light in its many forms. I am constantly amazed at the ability of pure natural light´s power, to enhance or deplete nature´s beauty. On occasion, I have questioned, how can it get us to simultaneously, think about colour texture and shade, while interacting with our senses and affecting our moods." Kim Weckstrøm Jensen, CEO