Lax | Upholstered Bench without Backrest by more

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Inspired by the Barcelona Pavillon interior of 1929, a Milestone of the 20th century architecture, Gil Coste developed these designs for our LAX Collection. The LAX bench convinces with a straight design and comfortable seat belting. The seat depth is 52 cm. Available widths are 200, 240, 280 and 320 cm, optionally with or without backrest. Standard frame: Steel frame tobacco-brown or anthracite lacquered, also available in stainless steel brushed. Almost no furniture is as highly applicable as a bench, as for restaurants, in projects or for the design of your own room. In kitchens is it just as useful as in living rooms, dining rooms in hallways or in a bathroom. Because our benches are highly indivisible and they are adaptable to each room they also can be planned for court rooms, cafeterias or in waitings rooms. As important as the design are the high-end materials and their perfect manufacturing. The timber comes from sustainable forests and is carefully chosen and stored. Made in GermanyThe bench accompanying the table is available in three styles: with a wooden seating area, in natural leather, or covered with fabric.

Inspired by the Barcelon Pavillon interior of 1929, a Milestone of the 20 th century architecture, gill Coste developed these designs for our hew Lax Collection.

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