Las Palmas Table Lamp

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A few kilometers from the Moroccan coast in the Atlantic Ocean, sunlight bathes the palm fronds covering the island of Las Palmas.

This suggestive landscape brought life to the eponymous collection, staring from a two-dimensional sheet of Opalflex®, sculpted into a three-dimensional form. Las Palmas brings a monochromatic, minimal summer breeze to every interior.

Jonas Clementoni

Born in Brussels in 1983. He believes that architecture, art and design have an increasing role in the affirmation of a culture where artifacts and nature exist in symbiosis. He acquired a deep understanding of modeling at the Istituto d’Arte di Civita Castellana. He studied public transport design while taking Industrial Design courses at Rome’s La Sapienza university. His public transport projects are based on his desire to humanize vehicles, while making them more biological in their shape, materials and energy consumption.

He actively participates in exhibition-laboratories and contests in Italy and around the world. Of these, the 2007 Biennale di Venezia contemporary art exhibition “13×17”, curated by Philippe Daverio and Jean Blanchaert, as well as the European “Artemisia” events, organized every year by the Opera Bosco Museo di Arte nella Natura. His bionic and technological applications explore renewable energy and aesthetic-ecological value in manufacturing.

His studies in percussion have led him to reflect on the structural influence on rhythm in cultures. In 2008, he designed “Las Palmas” for Slamp, his formal expression of the energy that trees expend when searching for light. Jonas Clementoni lives and works between Italy, Argentina and Uruguay.

For those who are curious… For those who can’t get enough… For those who believe in beauty… For those who carry their home wherever their heart desires… For those who fall in love every day…