LANA Armchair by Girsberger

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Lana – transparent elegance at the dining table Key information: Girsberger's Lana offers armchair-like comfort for long, pleasant hours at the dining table. Characteristic features of Lana include an elegant wooden base and a 3-D mesh that lends the chair a light and transparent appearance. Bützberg, 18 January 2016. – In Lana, Swiss furniture manufacturer Girsberger presents a new chair specially designed for lingering at the dining table. From the first glance, Lana's armchair-like design promises comfort, making it a natural choice for long, pleasant evenings at the dining table. Lana's elegant wooden base supports a continuous bent metal frame. A 3-D mesh is stretched over the frame and holds a cushioned seat mounted on the wooden base. The stretched 3-D mesh forms a semi-transparent three-dimensional shell which gives the chair a light and transparent appearance. Wrap-around upholstery in the back area assures comfort for any seating posture. During Lana's development phase, designer Stefan Westmeyer worked intensively with the latest processing options for 3-D meshes. His objective was a generous, armchair-like design that allows and invites different seating postures. Beyond that, the chair was to make a light and elegant impression. A choice of three colours is available for the 3-D mesh. The leather upholstery is available in a range of different colours. The wooden base is available in walnut, light lacquered ash or black stained ash.

The origins of the furniture manufacturer Girsberger go back to a woodturner’s workshop, which was founded as a family enterprise in Zurich in 1889.