Dimensions: Length 850 mm | Height 440 mm | Depth 430 mm Material: aluminium black powder coating support | Oakwood and rubber table top Compatible lamps: N°216, N°217

Bernard-Albin Gras never designed furniture! He invented his eponymous lamp for a variety of uses which is why they have found their way into machines, offices, stairways, ships and architects’ houses... So what then is Le mobilier de Gras (the Gras range of furniture) ? It is the start of something new: a selection of furniture in keeping with the Lampe Gras. Furniture that is functional, well designed, devoid of ego, resistant and serviceable in the sense that it serves the person who uses it. Like Lampe Gras, the furniture can also be deflected from its original function: a nightstand (Plug and Dream) can become a consol in an entrance (Plug and Welcome); the desk (Plug and Work) can become a freestanding counter (Plug and Drink). Designed to stand the test of time, designed to wear with age, but not to show its age, the “mobilier de Gras” range uses simple but solid materials: steel, wood, rubber. Installation is simple and efficient.

It is our passion for objects that led us to create DCW.