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3 cm is the slender thickness of the sides of the LAGO bookshelf system that, thanks to a special and patented wall attachment, can be mounted on the wall and also suspended. The innovation of 30mm consists in having revolutionized the concept of the static grid bookshelf. Thanks to the suspension of the sides, they do not have structural constraints that limit expressive capacity. We are imagining, therefore, being able to build a bookshelf on a grid that permits the creation of figurative or classical outlines, always connoted by exceptional lightness. The ease with which many companies have been “inspired” by 30mm led the company to give the product a new push, distancing itself from the grid bookshelf in favour of a single line, LagoLinea to be precise, that designs, tells and contains. Its strong point lies in the potential to transform a wall through a simple gesture: a line.

The headquarters of LAGO SpA are located in the heart of the Italian Northeast, in a 12,000 square metre facility conceived as a home and built in accordance with the principles of organic architecture.